going for it

Hello! My name is Mariah & I have spent most of my life trying to please those around me. I’ve held myself back from opportunities because I am so easily paralyzed by fear. But guess what?! Not anymore. 🙂 I have always enjoyed writing & I genuinely try to find the lessons that life presents in experiences. This has been therapeutic for me over the course of my life, & if I’m being totally honest, I feel called to share. Rachel Hollis has given me the courage to pursue what I feel called to do, so we’re just going for it. 🙂 but first off, let me reintroduce myself the right way…

My name is Mariah & I’m 25 years young. I am a professional aunt, 3rd wheel, & marshmallow consumer. I am a follower of Christ & proudly claim Him as my best friend. My family is my world & my nieces are my motivation. I’m obsessed with make up, nail polish, & any fashion or home decor TV show (HGTV is my blood type). I am happy. I am strong. I am always laughing.

Welcome to my hilariously imperfect life. I am so blessed & so grateful to have you here. I hope this blog can become a place of comfort & strength for you as we all learn to fight life’s challenges together. We can do this. And we can learn to do this with a smile. 🙂 lets go for it!!

Xoxo Mariah






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